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The free online adult video sex game featuring Brickhouse Betty!
Try to say THAT three times fast.

You've been asking. We've been working feverishly... and now here it is:
The first Brickhouse Betty interactive sex game! It's addicting. No really. You get
to control the sex in this game so there's no escape! ENJOY!

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"I Banged Betty" uncensored

Don't forget to take a tour of our Members Section. That's where you'll find the UNCENSORED VERSION of this game. Or better yet, just click here and you can play the uncensored version of "I Banged Betty!" and get access to TONS of other exclusive cartoon sex games and movies for a ONLY $3.95! Now that's CHEAP!

Oh, yeah. We know. You gotta see more. Well we've got more. Actually, if you click on "The Really Cool Stuff" link on Betty's main page, you'll see how to get access to all kinds of hardcore, adult, sex games. None of that "vstre4a" game nonsense. What the hell is "vstre4a" anyway? And don't say "a video game." We're not that stupid. Well, maybe we're close, but we honestly don't know what it is. Arcade games, Game Spot, dress-up games, board games, X-Box, 360, Nintendo, Sega... yeah, we're old enough to know what those are.

And don't forget: At Rum Runners we make cartoons the old fashioned way: with NO TENTACLES! Hey... if you like tentacles more power to ya, but we just dig the real thing. God Bless America!

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